Sunday, April 12, 2009

Electricity and Magnetism

1. Body Fat

This device measure your percentage of body fat but what is it actualy measuring?
Why do you have to enter your height?
2. Electric motor

How does this motor work without a commutator?
3. Simplest Electric motor

Can you explain how this motor works?
4. Making energy 1

This device creates a higher PD but is it making energy?
5. Making energy 2

Can this be true?
6. Levitating train

What holds the train up?
What propels the train?
What stops the train falling of the track?
5. Magnet Gun

Does the end ball fly off faster than the first ball hits the magnet?
Is momentum conserved?

Thermal Physics

1. Helium Balloon

Why does the balloon shrink?
Why does the balloon fall to the ground?
2. Balloons in a car

Why do the helium balloons go forwards when the car brakes?
3. Drinking liquid Nitrogen

What would happen if he swallowed the liquid?
Don't try this ever ever ever.
4. Brownian Motion

Why was this such important evidence for the particle nature of matter?


1. Mexican Wave

Is this a wave?
Would it diffract and interfere?

2. Japanese Wave

Why do the people at the far end of the pool not have so much fun?
Would this wave diffract?
3. Big Wave

Why do they need to be towed by a jet ski to catch this wave?
It looks like the water is going up the wave, is it?
4. Small wave

Can you see this wave reflecting, refracting, difrracting and interfering?
5. Shaking Bridge

Why does the bridge shake so much?
6. Breaking a Glass

Is this just a matter of singing loudly or does the frequency have to be right?
7. Sonic boom

Why is there a cone behind the plane?
Why is there a bang when the plane goes at the speed of sound?
8. Rubens Tube

What is the approximate wavelength of the sound at 1 min?
9. Shake Test

What this has got to do with resonance?
10. Annies Song

How do these singers sing so high?


1.Running up a wall

How does he get enough friction to run up the wall?
Can he keep running up the wall?

2. Running along a wall

What is the trajectory of the runner?
Before take off did the runner run parallel to the wall or at an angle to the wall?

3. Running round a corner

Another wall run. At the end of thevideo he runs around a corner why is it possible to run further if there is a corner?
4. Wall of death

What force stops the bikes and cars from falling down?
Why can't the bike be horizontal?
The car is heavier than the bike but why does it only have to go at the same speed?

5. Looping the loop

How does Bob manage to get higher and higher? Where is the energy coming from?
What force holds him in a circle around the top of the loop?
Write an equation for the minimum speed required, does it depend on the mass of the skater?
6. Not looping the loop

Why did this skater not make it?
What was his trajectory once he left the pipe?
7.Dead sea swimming

Why can they swim so high in the water?
What would it be like swimming in mercury?
Could you swim in petrol?
9. Speed Skiing

Can a speed skier travel faster then a free falling body?
Can they accelerate faster than free fall?
10 Wing Suits

They travel pretty fast but why is their speed less than without the wingsuit?
Is it possible for the fliers to go across without going down?
11. Hill climb

Its not easy to see but why are these bikes longer than normal motor bikes?
Why isn't it possible to ride up a vertical wall?
12. Half Pipe

How do they manage to get higher and higher each jump? whare is the energy coming from?
13. Perpetual Motion

Can this toy keep moving for ever?
Could it be used to generate electricity?